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Mountain Lake

  Don't Fuss with a Flush, When you can Call Rush Plumbing to Handle all your Plumbing Needs.

Welcome to Rush Plumbing & Gas Services LLC

Established 2021

With 18 years in the Plumbing Industry 

Fully Licensed & Insuranced

We Do, What They Can't.

Image by August Phlieger


Rush Plumbing & Gas Services LLC is committed to delivering quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, backed by years of experience. We work closely with you to design every detail of the process and make certain that you are completely satisfied. Whether it's for your home or business, our team of experts and professional services can cater to all your project needs. Our commitment to efficient and reliable top-priority service means that every task, regardless of size, receives our utmost attention. Our aim in creating Rush Plumbing & Gas Services LLC was to ensure that you receive reliable and top-notch professional services.

Plumbing Services List

My Guarantee

Our Promise
To make sure that our work is the finest, affordable, and functioning plumbing that can be achieved.  My experience in this businesss for the last 18 years has given me the knowledge to tackle any project.  I hold a Master Plumbing, Master Mechanical/ Gasfitter, and a Grade 6 Water Operator's License for Backflow Prevention.  I recently just resigned from the City of Hastings as the plumbing ans gas inspector. My work is 100% code compliant.  So let Rush Plumbing show you the reason you wont ever need to call another plumber again. 


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